Your Children's Trees
They're not your trees; they're your children's trees.
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Cheryl Elgersma

Vice President:
Carolyn Welch

Education Coordinator:

Haley Agapiou

Volunteer Coordinator:

Elizabeth Comeaux


Alejandra Posada


Ashleyann Bacay

Technical Advisor:
Ken Knight

University Advisor:
Christina Sandoval

Financial Advisor:
Tami Mason

Matt Manabat

About Us

     Your Children's Trees is a community-based non-profit organization founded in coordination with the UCSB organization of the same name for the care of Santa Barbara County's urban forests. Planting trees in our cities helps bring back nature as well as providing many other benefits such as beautification, increasing property values, cleaning the air, and controlling water runoff. Your Children's Trees works to keep our urban forests healthy by planting and caring for trees in public areas such as schools and parks. We also undertake various educational pursuits such as participating in science nights at local elementary schools and conducting environmental restoration plantings in ecological reserves. It's important that we take care of the trees around us. These are not just our trees, but your children's trees.
Current Interns:  

Janel Ancayan                               Kai Carmon
(Intermin Edu. Coord.)                (Intermin Vice Pres.)

Urban Forestry Restoration & Education Trainers:

P Angulo                                       Berenise Alfaro

Bryant Pahl                                   Michelle Cady

Buyanzana Buyanurt                    Michelle Huang

Madeline Cook

Urban Forest Researchers:
Ayano Hayes                                 Diana Sanchez

Andrew Lee

 Contact Info


(805) 252-1952