Your Children's Trees
They're not your trees; they're your children's trees.
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Volunteers are always welcome at our events. We just ask that you please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes for field events and that you contact us ahead of time via phone, email, or Facebook message to let us know.  

To get to Coal Oil Point Reserve:

To get to CCBER North Campus Open Space:

  1. Go North on Storke Rd
  2. Turn left at Phelps Rd
  3. Travel down Phelps, and turn left on Ocean Walk.
  4. Go south on Ocean Walk. There will be an area for parking
  5. After parking, walk 1/8 of a mile to the planting site

To get to CCBER Growing Grounds:

The growing grounds are past Harder Stadium. There will be a dirt path on the right of the parking lot - follow this path, walk down a bit, and the growing grounds will be on the right.